The FSU Career Center Partners with JCPenney for Seminole Suit-Up

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 3.49.38 PM*Photo Courtesy of The Career Center*

By Abby Cloud

On Sunday, February 23, students will be able to have discounted access to numerous pieces of business wear at the timeless department store, JCPenney. 

The FSU Career Center has partnered with JCPenney to present Seminole Suit-Up, an event that is exclusive to students at Florida State.

JCPenney will stay open from 6:30-9:30pm and allow students to shop a variety of career wear. Students will be able to shop from men’s and women’s suits, shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, shoes, and accessories. 

When your student uses the extra 30% off suit-up coupon available at the event, they can receive up to 60% off the selected career apparel on top of other established sales.

A Student ID is required for this event. 

Ensure that your student is aware of this opportunity so that they have the appropriate apparel and items necessary for that next interview, internship, or job opportunity! 

Practice your Right to Vote in FSU’s Spring SGA Elections

By Abby Cloud

This month, students can expect to take part in FSU’s Student Government Association’s Spring 2020 Elections. SGA Election Day will officially be from 8am-7pm on Wednesday, February 19. 

Students will be voting on numerous available positions during the Spring Elections:

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 3.27.34 PM

*Photo Courtesy of Student Government Association*

The Election Cycle for the Spring 2020 SGA Elections began on January 29 with the opening of the Candidacy applications. A week after the Declaration of Candidacy date, SGA Campaigning Week officially begins on Wednesday, February 12. 

During Campaigning Week, the FSU community can also expect an Executive Debate the day before SGA Elections on Tuesday, February 18 in the Student Services Building, Room 203.

For more information about the Spring Elections or SGA, you can visit the SGA website.

Getting Around Campus Without a Car

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 2.03.54 PM

By Brianna Gann

One of the biggest misconceptions of incoming freshmen is the need for a car during their first year. Getting around campus, and even off campus, during my freshman year was simple after knowing the resources FSU has for students to get around.

I am an Engineering student, which means I have to travel around 5 minutes off of campus to attend my classes and visit my actual college building, eliminating the possibility of walking.

One of the best decisions I made was being comfortable with using the Seminole Express bus system. Throughout my four years, I have realized that many students walk and spend money on Uber, because they are unfamiliar with the bus routes or how to find them. Luckily, there is an app that updates the location and routes of every bus, including the Tallahassee StarMetro buses.

The second best decision I have made to get around FSU and Tallahassee? I purchased a moped in January to make traveling to class quicker and definitely cooler (as far as outside temperature AND socially)! Of course, I understand the importance of safety, which is why I wear a helmet and make sure I take the correct roads.

Some other great options for getting around is the Nole Cab (only $5 per carload with a Student ID), the SAFE Connection bus that runs at night, ZipCars which is similar to a rental car deal for college students, and free rides to the FSU Rez!

Regardless of your student’s transportation plans, I encourage your students to become familiar with using Seminole Express, and alternative options to get around campus and beyond!

An FSU Game Day is Like No Other


By Calista Flores

Football season is one of the most lively and exciting parts of the fall semester! They are a great occasion for alumni and family members to visit the area and get in on the school spirit along with students. The options on how to spend a Game Day at Florida State are endless, but here are a few of my favorite activities.

A fun and free option is the True Seminole Tailgate. This event starts two hours before kickoff where there are tables and tents right outside of Doak Campbell Stadium filled with food, activities and organizations to engage with.

While you pass by the Stadium, don’t forget to have War Stripes painted on your face by the Lady Spirithunters.

Once you find your seat the Stadium, fans can experience some of our iconic traditions, such as watching Osceola and Renegade charge onto the field and plant their flaming spear right before kickoff and participating in the War Chant as thousands of passionate ‘Noles put their heart into the Tomahawk Chop. If you attend the game, you absolutely have to stay until half time to experience our world-renowned Marching Chiefs performance. It’s a show you won’t regret watching!

For those who don’t want to purchase tickets or just want to beat the heat, fans can park outside the Stadium and throw their own tailgates to experience the Game Day energy. You can also visit some of Tallahassee’s popular restaurants like Madison Social and Spear-It to enjoy amazing food, socialize, and watch the game on their TVs.

No matter how you chose to spend the day, being in Tallahassee during Game Day is an unforgettable time and will give anyone who experiences it a new appreciation for Florida State. For more information about how you or your student can get tickets, visit Florida State Athletics official site.

Within Boundaries, Get to know your Student’s Experience

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 2.03.54 PM

By Bridget Duignan

One of my favorite aspects of college is being able to share my experiences with my family.

This first came to fruition when I started talking about my friends on the phone and posting photos on Facebook. When my family and I talk on the phone, not only do they inquire about me and how I am doing, but they do the same when asking how my friends and important people in my FSU experience are doing as well. It makes me feel comfortable to let them know what I am doing and who I am with⁠—and mostly, how happy it makes me. I know that it makes them happy, too!

Because my family has become more familiar with the people I surround myself with, we have established new elements of trust and mutual comfort while they are at home and I am at school. They are now able to see my friends and I reflect in each other and enjoy our collegiate experience.

Of course, this could be a hard topic to approach. Allowing your student to establish the boundaries they feel comfortable with in sharing will allow for mutual trust. Within these boundaries, I encourage families to be involved with a student’s life beyond just the student themselves– include inquiries about friends, professors, acquaintances, and experiences, too!