Don’t Miss Out on the Garnet & Gold Silent Auction!

Don’t Miss Out on the Garnet & Gold Silent Auction! Friday,  September 27, 2019

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Family Weekend is full of exciting events surrounding the Florida State University community and this year is no exception! To kick off the weekend, the annual Garnet & Gold Silent Auction will be taking place at the 1851 Dining Hall (2nd Floor) alongside Family Weekend Check-In on Friday, September 27th. 

The Garnet and Gold Silent Auction is just over a decade old and is the biggest fundraiser allowing FSU Family Connection to support FSU Family Fund. FSU Family Fund provides services and support for students on-campus through free flu shots to more than 2,500 students through University Health Services, Stress Buster Days around midterms and finals through the University Counseling Center, and Move-In and Graduation Assistance for the Unconquered Scholars program- just to name a few things provided by Family Fund. Because tuition does not cover the items stated above, FSU Family Fund works to provide these important student needs. By attending and participating in the auction, the goal this year is to raise enough funds for book scholarships, the Food for Thought Food Pantry in the Dean of Students Department, and a Thanksgiving meal for CARE students.

As an attendee of the auction, you get the chance to place bids on a variety of goodies put together by the auction’s host, the Family Connection Council as well as several other university and local supporters. This year, students and families can expect a plethora of FSU memorabilia, practical residence hall  items, collectible items, gift baskets, gift cards, and concert/sports tickets! Some of the sponsors for this year’s auction are Barefoot Campus Outfitters, Books-A-Million, Madison Social, RedEye Coffee, the FSU Bookstore, and many more businesses. Thanks to these donors and sponsors, the Garnet and Gold Silent Auction is looking forward to benefiting the FSU Family Fund and providing families with fun gift baskets!

Mark you calendars so that you have a chance to bid on some awesome merchandise. If you cannot attend the auction, consider making a donation to the Family Fund here. Want to know exactly what will be available for bidding?–make sure you are signed up to receive the Family Connection newsletter that will feature details on baskets & bidding. Hope to see you Friday!

By Abby Cloud

Looking Forward to Family Weekend at FSU!

Looking Forward to Family Weekend at FSU

By: Virginia Gesler, Dave Bachansingh (FSU Family Connection Council Members)

It’s just around the corner…Family Weekend! Family Weekend can be fun for the whole family. Brothers and sisters are welcomed as well as grandparents, aunts and uncles- whomever you define as family. For many first-year parents, this may be your first time seeing your student since dropping them off in August. You are filled with anticipation for this amazing reunion, and while they may not show it, your student is more excited to see you than you know. 19_0068(003).JPG

For parents and families making the trip to Tallahassee next week, safe travels! Whether you are staying in a hotel or with your student, we hope that your time visiting your student is exceptional!

There are a lot of activities taking place during Family Weekend and you will have plenty to choose from. Most families prefer arriving in Tallahassee early on Friday to get a jump start on activities and quality family time.

By arriving early on Friday, you can check out the Silent Auction presented by the FSU Family Connection at 1851 in Azalea Hall. There is always a great selection and an array of gift baskets and prizes, ranging from FSU memorabilia, campus experiences, and other Seminole goodies. The funds raised through this auction will go towards the FSU Family Fund, so it is all for a good cause.NSFP-Silent Auction-Sharepost.png

As one of only two collegiate circuses in the nation, the FSU Flying High Circus puts on an amazing show for students and families. Aerialists, gymnasts, clowns and jugglers all make for a family-friendly activity that will have you smiling from ear to ear. There are only two opportunities to see them while in town, so if you have tickets–we promise the show will not disappoint! 

Many of the extracurricular organizations have something to commemorate Family Weekend, so based on your child’s involvement you may have additional activities to attend. There will be many opportunities for families to meet your student’s new friends and to see how they spend their time on campus when they are not in class. Many of these organizations will welcome all families and parents with open arms–some instructors will even invite you to class! This is a great way to experience academic life on campus! 

There is also a Faculty Reading & Book signing featuring Assistant Professor, Aaron C. Thomas. Or visit the Leach and pick up a complimentary guest pass & join your student in a workout! Passes are available between Friday September 27 at 12PM -Sunday September 29 at 5PM. 2019 OFR - BookReadingSigningEvent_Flyer 8x11.jpg

A great way to wrap up the day is at the Friday Night Block Party in Collegetown from 5pm-10pm. It is the official start to FSU’s football festivities with a super fun street party with live music, and street vendors There are plenty of restaurants in the area to dine with as well. On Friday night, the University is also hosting a BBQ Dinner featuring delicious food items. 

If you are the athletic type or just someone who wants to start their Saturday with a great walk around campus, you can sign up for the Campus Recreation Family Weekend 5K Run/Walk. It’s open to family members of all ages. And, if you’re looking for a meal after the 5K? You can plan to attend the Saturday Tailgate Brunch at 1851. 

On Saturday, you’ll also want to take time to get prepared for Florida State’s home game. School spirit is at its finest and your students show that they are true Seminoles. There are so many traditions to be a part of during the day. The kickoff time is 7:30PM giving you plenty of time to fit in a trip to the Sod Cemetery or watch the Marching Chiefs “skull session” at Dick Howser Stadium, approximately two and a half hours before kickoff. Don’t forget to be at your seat in time to see Chief Osceola and Renegade plan the spear in the middle of the field, signaling the start of the game. From here, your only responsibility is to cheer our team on to victory. Hopefully, you have practiced your “chop”. Be loud and proud! 19_0068(035).JPG

While some will insist you don’t have to come: they like having you there. I have seen the excitement and pride as students show off the new place and just enjoy your company at a nice meal you are paying for. Just enjoy your time with your student. Take this time to tell your students how much you loved being with them and that you are proud of how they are doing. As you hit the road, reflect back on the amazing job you have done with raising your Seminole and how you built lasting memories in the past 48 hours. 

If you’re looking for more information about Family Weekend,, you can visit the Family Weekend website here

Edited by: Abby Cloud

So Your New ‘Nole is a Marching Chief…

What do you do now?!?

Meet Mike Woelfle–Mike serves as a member of the Family Connection Council and is dad to Jensen, a 2019-2020 World Renowned Marching Chief.

I know the joy of having a daughter who is a member of the World-Renowned Marching Chiefs. Check out her video on preparing the Marching Chiefs auditions — As you can see, they have been through a lot to get to this point. We are so glad to have them as part of the Chiefs family!

First Things First — a bit of background. The “Marching Chiefs” are the official Marching Band of Florida State University. They got their name way back in 1949, shortly after the University became co-educational in 1947 and added football. In 1953, the band saw the arrival of a new director, Dr. Manley Whitcomb, and arranger, Charles Carter, who changed the band in ways that persist to this day. Dr. Whitcomb brought with him the style of marching now known as the “Chief Step”, while Mr. Carter’s arrangements defined the band’s distinctive musical style. Mr. Carter also arranged “The Hymn to the Garnet and the Gold” for the band, which we’ll talk more about later. The Color Guard Auxiliary was added to the band in 1970 and in 1974 the Chiefs gained the title of being “World-Renowned” thanks to an international performance in Syria. In 2009, the Chiefs continued to set records for collegiate band size when they hit an amazing total of 460 members! Their longstanding slogan is that “Florida State occasionally may lose a football game, but never a halftime show”. Whether the game is won or lost, the Chiefs ALWAYS show up and do their job!

Whether you’re mom, dad, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, or grandparent—welcome to the club!

Marching Chief auditions are truly overwhelming and stressful. While there may have been little you were able do to help your student as they actually tried-out, know that you helped prepare them to do their best by doing everything possible to ensure that move-in went smoothly and that they are well-stocked with food and supplies for the week. You’ve endured camp and have probably had less contact with your ‘Nole, but they know you were there for them if they need you. Even if they don’t say it, your support and understanding gave them confidence in their ability!

If your ‘Nole found their name on that Block List, you might be wondering… “How do I become a #1 Chiefs’ Fan?”

Being aware of the following traditions is a great way to start:

  • Campus Crawl – takes place before the first home football game of the year, when the Chiefs walk around campus and play school songs as loud as humanly possible by the residence halls. As they do so, they are followed by friends, family, and other supporters. What results can only be described as truly inspirational (and a little WILD)!
  • Block Party – the Friday night before a football game, the Chiefs assemble a pep band and visit Collegetown to play various stand tunes. A crowd forms in the street between the restaurants and the fun ensues!
  • Continuity – Marching Chiefs rehearse the morning of each game at the Chiefs practice field as spectators watch.
  • Skull Session – The band assembles in the outfield of the baseball stadium and each section individually plays a prepared piece, followed by a full band sneak peek of songs from the halftime show of that week. The name originates from the fact that this is the band’s opportunity to get the music into their skulls. J Supporters sit in the stands and cheer them on as they do so!
  • March Over – Chiefs march in a parade block from skull session into the stadium while supporters line the street beside them.
  • Legacy Walk – Chiefs, pep band, and cheerleaders greet the football team by the Legacy fountain as they enter the stadium before the game.
  • Hymn to the Garnet and Gold Marching Chiefs remove baseball caps in the stands after the game and do an instrumental/vocal performance of the Hymn to the Garnet and Gold.
  • Prism Concert A variety show in the Ruby Diamond Concert Hall that includes musical performances by all concert bands, various ensembles (quartets, etc.), sections, and a full band performance by the Chiefs. Get your tickets early, they sell out quick!
  • MCATDT Stands for “Marching Chiefs All The Damn Time”. ‘Nuff said!

The Chiefs and Kappa Kappa Psi, a national music fraternity, also hold the Marching Chiefs 5k ( as a fundraiser in October of each year. This year’s race will take place on October 27th. All Chiefs participate in some capacity and many run in the race. Last year, Dr. Plack, the Director of Athletic Bands, actually ran the race carrying a musical instrument. Whether you run or just show up to support those who are, race day is a great day for the Chiefs.

Throughout the year, you can also follow the World-Renowned Marching Chiefs on Facebook at, Twitter at @fsuchiefs, and Instagram at fsuchiefs. The band’s website is

To close, the Marching Chiefs are not just a band, they are literally a way of life. Your new Marching Chief will make friendships and memories and develop skills that will last a lifetime. They’ll learn about themselves and become closer to their University than they ever thought they could be.

Go ‘Noles and MCATDT!!